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31 August

‘Skinny Bird’ live video at WYCE

Before last week’s Meijer Amphitheater performance in Grand Rapids we stopped by the WYCE studio for a live set.  Here’s a video link of ‘Skinny Bird’ off our upcoming album ‘The Old Sisters’ Home’.

22 August

Your chance to be part of ‘The Old Sisters’ Home’

Hello friends, family, enthusiasts, and supporters,

We are excited this morning to announce the launch of our Kickstarter project to raise money for the completion of our third album, ‘The Old Sisters’ Home’. We have 30 days to raise $4000, and we are asking our community to help out. Donations will rewarded with a tiered suite of prizes that includes advanced tracks, free copies of the completed album, t-shirts, tubular bells, tickets to shows, and MORE. Learn more, see a video we made, and make your donations by visiting our project site.

Thanks as always for your support,
Orpheum Bell

15 October

New Video Page

Hi Folks,

Our brand new YouTube page is now open for public consumption. It currently features select live performances that have been recorded over the past few years. Here’s one from our Top of the Park gig this past summer:

Enjoy and stay in touch.