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22 April

In the studio. Again.

We keep recording and recording, giving ourselves over to this machine. Again and again and it won’t even so much as blink to let us know it appreciates any of it.

31 October

Bell’s Masquerade Ball

Howdy Folks,

Last night we were thrilled to open for our sister band, The Red Sea Pedestrians, at their 2nd Annual MASQUERADE BALL at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo. We had a blast- RSP’s magnificent drummer, Mike Shimmin, sat in on a few songs, and RSP blew the roof off after we warmed up the becostumed crowd.

We decided to go Victorian-ish for our costumes- check it out:

Bell's Masquerade Ball - KatieBell's Masquerade Ball - Mike
Bell's Masquerade Ball - Aaron
Bell's Masquerade Ball - Annie

Big Sky Recording

We had a long but productive session at Big Sky Recording the other day. I took a couple snapshots to share, check them out on our Flickr page!


18 August

Good times at Johnny’s Schoolhouse


We’d like to thank Johnny Williams (of Johnny’s Speakeasy fame) and friends for their warm hospitality and enthusiasm this past weekend at Johnny’s fantastically unique old one-room schoolhouse venue outside of Mancelona, MI.  We were treated to home grown foods, an icy river to slice away the day’s heat, and a foot-stomping reception all in a sublimely peaceful rural setting.

Be sure to check out some of Katie’s photos from the event

23 July

“Goodbye is the Sweetest Word” to appear in documentary film

“Goodbye is the Sweetest Word” will appear over the final credits of Angela Brookbank’s new documentary about artist Chris Roberts-Antieau.

The soundtrack includes songs from Tom Waits, Ben Folds, Joe Henry, Danny Kline and others.

The film will be premiered on December 1st in Baltimore, MD at the American Visionary Art Museum.

A link to the movie here:

10 June

Tonight at the Ark with the Sweetback Sisters


Looking forward to a split-bill tonight at the Ark with Brooklyn’s own Sweetback Sisters!  We’ll be taking the stage at 8 and followed by the Sisters around 9:15  Emily Miller (vocalist) will be joining us on a couple secret tunes in the middle of our set.  Come over enjoy the show and catch a beer with us at the Old Town after.

09 June

Photo shoot last night at Johnny’s


Last night the amazing Tabbatha Renea met us at Johnny’s Speakeasy for a quick photo shoot.  WOW…..see for yourself the results are stunning!!!!  Thank you Tabbatha….we owe you big time.