10 June

Tonight at the Ark with the Sweetback Sisters


Looking forward to a split-bill tonight at the Ark with Brooklyn’s own Sweetback Sisters!  We’ll be taking the stage at 8 and followed by the Sisters around 9:15  Emily Miller (vocalist) will be joining us on a couple secret tunes in the middle of our set.  Come over enjoy the show and catch a beer with us at the Old Town after.


2 Responses to “Tonight at the Ark with the Sweetback Sisters”

  1. Afraid to Say says:

    You guys were great! Keep up the good work.

  2. Jeff says:

    Great stuff Jen! I was lucky enough to atentd her Conversation with Steve Martin thing last week. Steve read some Dear Internet passages and even though I’ve read em a dozen times, I cried laughing.Also, I must say that going from a writing staff of 3 girls and 1 guy to 5 guys and 1 girl there’s definitely a difference One thing I notice some male writers do (BHay excluded!) is when writing for a girl, they write for a girl. They think what would a girl do in this situation versus what would a funny person do in this situation, which results in female characters that aren’t as funny as they could be. Another difference: our male-dominated writers room always smells like Thai food. Doesn’t matter what we eat.

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