22 April

In the studio. Again.

We keep recording and recording, giving ourselves over to this machine. Again and again and it won’t even so much as blink to let us know it appreciates any of it.


2 Responses to “In the studio. Again.”

  1. Coin Guy says:

    The machine might not show its appreciation but us Fans are more than happy to. Keep on keepin that great sound comin…

  2. Welma says:

    I am currently wokirng on drawing and oils. I am researching Peter Lanyon. Here is one of his quotes which I found interesting: I believe that landscape, the outside world of things and events larger than ourselves, is the proper place to find our deepest meanings landscape painting is not a provincial activity as it is thought to be by many in the U.S., but a true ambition like the mountaineer who cannot see a mountain without wishing to climb it or a glider pilot who cannot see the clouds without feeling the lift inside them. These things take us into the places where our trial is with forces greater than ourselves, where skill and training and courage combine to make us transcend our ordinary lives.’ ( Peter Lanyon, At the Edge of landscape’, Chris Stephens, 21 Publishing, London, 2000, p. 23).For him it seems landscape painting is like a great personal challenge, for me it is about elements in physical place which combine to create a feeling within, a sense of well being and rightness with the world. To paint that involves exploring the visual relationships of place, space and the objects within that and the expression of the person in relation to that.

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