26 September

Preview and release of ‘The Old Sisters’ Home’

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your kind support of our Kickstarter fundraising effort. We raised $5,326. This is a big help. Makes us feel proud and optimistic about the new album. The tracking is done. Mixing and mastering – done. We are finalizing artwork, paperwork and the routine clerical and record-keeping incidental to the more important task: releasing the completed 3rd album

This we will do on Saturday, December 10th, 2011 at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan (tickets). The theater is lovely, dark and deep and thus we hope for many of you to come and listen and have a good time.

We will play the show with Red Tail Ring and will be joined by friends who helped us record the album. For the first time ever we’re making a few moving pictures to go along with the live music.

Tickets for the December 10th release are on sale now from the Michigan Union Ticket Office and can be purchased by following this link.

In the meantime, below are 3-tracks we’d like to share with you from our new album.

Thank you,

Orpheum Bell

Chain Stitched Heart by OrpheumBell

Skinny Bird by OrpheumBell

Poor Laetitia by OrpheumBell


One Response to “Preview and release of ‘The Old Sisters’ Home’”

  1. Jeanne VanArman says:

    Can’t get enough of OB! Looking very much forward to your release party in Dec. Your friends from Marshall, MI will be there!

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