02 December

‘Old Sisters’ Home’ Release Concert: 9 days and counting


We’re getting close, and we’re getting excited. We hope you are, too (got your tickets yet?).

Here’s a little treat from one of our little fans:

Country & Eastern
“Country & Eastern”

Stay warm.

your band,
Orpheum Bell


One Response to “‘Old Sisters’ Home’ Release Concert: 9 days and counting”

  1. Chimbitas says:

    Today my Khardi paper has arrived, so the paitning begins again. Two types of paper, both cotton rag, one rough and one smooth. The rough is larger. Also mulling over what to use for my next oil paitning in terms of surface. My idea is to make a larger, oil paitning of my Track. Maybe I will make a start on primed paper. So I will start with watercolour and move into oils. We are now accustomed to very large canvases, and bright colours. Extravagant manners now have less impact. Yet art has to shock. It must shock like new love, like early morning-like a Morning Glory flower newly opened! Art is sensed, and today the senses are assailed constantly. A shock, for many people, would be to be quiet and alone.’ (p. 222, Paint’, Jeffrey Camp, D & K, London 1996)Something quiet and contemplative, removed from the hurly, burly.

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