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Orpheum Bell

Music you can fill your spirit with.

Our Lineup

  • Band Members Aaron Klein - vocals, banjo, ukuleles, guitars
  • Annie Crawford - vocals, violins
  • Jimmy DeHeno - banjo, dobro, pedal steel
  • Katie Lee - vocals, violin, saw, autoharp, ukulele
  • Michael Billmire - accordion, trumpet, shepherd harp, mandolin
  • Serge van der Voo - double bass, percussion

One of our fans expressed...

"I do wonder what to call your music - I grew up in Snyder, Oklahoma, where my father played 'cowboy' music on the radio loudspeaker each Saturday from dawn to midnight. I heard hints of that - I went to school in Mississippi, near New Orleans and loved visits to Beale Street. I grew up dancing away every night every chance I got to big band music. And I heard a little of each from you. As you can see - the pleasure lingers on."

- Phyllis B. Wright (1916-2007)

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