The Old Sisters' Home

The Old Sisters’ Home

Orpheum Bell’s most ambitious CD to date, their eclectic style is demonstrated by genre-crossing selections including folk, country, latin, and even a hard-driving song sung in Russian – all filled with explosive, intense musicality and vocal hooks. The art and packaging is a quietly elegant compliment to the music contained inside.
Release Date: 2012

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An original “Country & Eastern” songbook of lullabies, stomps, dirt-road ballads, and gypsy suites and waltzes: lyrical, percussive sound driven by Aaron Klein’s “downtrodden rural poetry” and Serge van der Voo’s fluid, Hot Club-infused bass lines.
Release Date: 2009

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Pretty As You

“Country and Eastern” • “. . . the album has about as panoramic a take on old time folk music as one could hope to have: the band experiments successfully with traditions as disparate as bluegrass, klezmer music, vocal jazz, even off-kilter rural stomps.”

Release Date: 2007

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Orpheum Bell Logo T-Shirt

100% preshunk cotton short sleeve t-shirts with the Orpheum Bell ‘Fine Music’
logo on the front and center. Dark Brown with Metallic Gold screen printed logo.
S – M – L – XL available. $10 each plus shipping

‘TOSH’ Album Release Show Poster

A signed album release poster for ‘The Old Sisters’ Home’ at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater with special guests Red Tail Ring.  $5 plus shipping.

Letter-pressed Ark Show Poster

A signed letter-pressed Ark Show Poster with special guests, Lac La Belle and Danny Kline.  $5 plus shipping.